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Retirement Resources is a Service First, Investment Management, and Financial Planning Firm.

Service First

There is a very simple formula that has and will always stand the test of time:  "The ability for a firm to grow and develop a loyal clientele is in direct proportion to the quality of service first provided."

At Retirement Resources we don't pride ourselves on being excellent and persuasive sales people.  We pride ourselves on helping people.  We know that if we help enough people accomplish what is important to them, our business will grow. 

Investment Management Services

When managing client assets it is first imperative that there are no conflicts of interest.  All client accounts must be held by a separate Custodial Firm easily accessible to the client. The advisor must not receive commissions, and clients must not be subjected to transaction charges when setting up or adjusting their accounts. At Retirement Resources our client accounts are held at TD Ameritrade and invested in low cost Exchange Traded Funds and Stocks.  These accounts are always 100% liquid for the client and carry no transaction charges. 

Second an Advisor must utilize a proven time tested system to maximize client returns and minimize risk.  At Retirement Resources we monitor and own only those sectors of the market that are currently in favor and performing well.  This is accomplished with the fundamental research and technical analysis from Chaiken Analytics. In 2019 Chaiken Analytics  was awarded the best industry research provider by Wealth Management Magazine. 

Financial Planning

The financial plan is the document that should dictate all other financial activity for the client.  Without a financial plan,the client may accumulate non-productive investments, pay unnecessary expenses and taxes, fail to identify the need for establishing proper wills and trusts, and worry about the unknown.  Many people today are concerned about outliving their money.  A strategically written financial plan can alleviate these concerns and establish a road map for a client to maintain financial independence throughout retirement. 

At Retirement Resources, we help our clients clearly identify their goals and concerns then guide them through the financial planning process.  We provide semi-annual reviews and update the financial plan when changes dictate.   

Strategic Alliances

A firm cannot function alone in today's ever changing and complex financial world.  It is imperative that a financial planning firm establish strategic alliances with professionals and firms that provide specialized services for every individual need of the client.  Whether it is low cost health insurance or complex estate planning needs we can direct our clients to the appropriate professionals and firms. 

It's Still The Little Things

I have always told my staff: "It's the little things we either do, or don't do, that will determine the success or failure of our business."  It's these little things we as a business and individuals do every day that will ultimately create a sense of confidence, trust, and well being for our clients.

We Care About Our People

Knowledge and experience is a must in today's ever changing and complex financial world.  Clients feel secure with having a knowledgeable and experienced advisor.  People, on the other hand, feel connected with someone who cares

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